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Supreme Makeover: Bathroom Edition

Looking for a great way to upgrade your home? One of the best rooms to consider remodeling is your bathroom. It’s an easy way to instantly spruce up and modernize the overall ambiance of your home’s interior design. By simply changing out the most outdated items, like your tub, toilet or sink, you can make… Read more »

Water Heaters and Their Problems

Hot water is no longer considered a luxury. In fact, hot water is almost an entitlement to most. The days of having to heat water on the stove to provide for a warm bath are long gone thanks to one of the more under-appreciated inventions, the water heater. Despite the inherent greatness of the invention,… Read more »

Choose a Plumber That Gets the Job Done

Without a doubt, the plumbing system within your home is amongst the most important systems within it. Fresh water is brought in, used water is drained out—the latter also applying to sewage. As a plumber operating in Byron and other local towns, Gander Plumbing provides affordable, reliable, professional and trustworthy service to all customers. As such,… Read more »

Something About Sump Pump

Flooded lower levels are happening everywhere across the country. A Stewartville area sump pump is no stranger to water in the basement. If your home sits on a high water table, chances are you encounter a soggy lower level every single time it rains, not to mention what occurs during a deluge. With this water… Read more »

Toilet Repair or Toilet Replace?

When it comes to a mess, there may be nothing more efficient than repairing or replacing an ill-functioning toilet. It can be expensive, and, shall we say dirty. Not something to let fester, you will want to get on a toilet repair or replacement as soon as is possible, repair being the cheaper option. Many… Read more »